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The Triple Stitch

In fact, it’s actually a total of five stitch lines joining the mesh to the canvas with nylon bonded thread. Firstly two lines are stitched to join the canvas to the mesh and then reinforced with a nylon twill tape using The Triple Stitch.
High Quality Polyester Mesh
We use the finest German Polyester twill weave mesh to help ensure your bags don’t stretch or tear. 

Ripstop Heavy Duty Canvas

Durable yet robust acrylic treated Polyester Ripstop Canvas which is 100% waterproof as well as fungal and UV resistant. 

Our Lifespan Warranty

Each bag is stress tested during production however our Bubble Hash Bags carry a lifespan warranty against manufacturing defects.
We Care About

After years of dealing with poorly manufactured bags, the team behind Hash it ALL decided it was time to gather the best resources and make the ultimate bubble bags. After drawing up a robust pattern with an experienced fashion designer… a highly skilled team of seamstresses were put to the test. Once the first prototype bags were manufactured, they were examined and put to work. Only the best threads, canvas and polyester screens made it through to create the desired result: THE ULTIMATE BUBBLE HASH BAGS.

Your Product is safe
Our Bubble Hash Bags are handmade from the finest quality materials and custom sized to fit common bucket sizes available in South Africa.
The sidewalls are made from 100% waterproof and extremely durable Ripstop Canvas which is locally manufactured.



All our bags come with lift straps and nylon drawstrings with firmly grabbing toggles enabling the bags to be held at various depths.

We import the highest quality Polyester Mesh from Germany which is first double stitched to the canvas with nylon bonded thread and further sealed with nylon twill tape using The Triple Stitch ensuring our bags don’t tear.

We at Hash It All believe attention to detail is of upmost importance from sourcing raw material to manufacturing and delivery of the Ultimate Bubble Hash Bags to your door. Each bag is stress tested during production however they also carry a Lifespan Warranty against manufacturing defects. We go one step further and also offer a Repair Centre.

Hash It All Bubble Hash Bag Micron Chart

25 MICRON – Secondary grade/edible

45 MICRON – Primary Grade

73 MICRON – Primary Grade

90 MICRON – Primary Grade

120 MICRON – Secondary Grade

160 MICRON –Plant material work bag, extra fine

190 MICRON – Plant material work bag, fine

220 MICRON – Plant material work Bag, coarse

We believe in providing a wide range of bubble hash bags to improve your hash making needs. Find a bubble bag that best suits you, give us a go and never look back!