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Step 1 Fill the first bucket with ice and water then leave to chill.

Step 2 Place the work bag (190 or 220 microns) deep into the second bucket folding the top of the bag over the rim of the bucket and tighten the drawstring or suspending the bag with straps in the bucket.

Step 3 Fill the second bucket (work bag) with layers of ice and frozen green until the bucket is about ¾’s full.

Step 4 Once the first bucket of ice and water is chilled pour that cold water into the second bucket with the frozen green and ice. A 1:1 ratio of ice and water is a good mix. Leave to chill for 10 – 15 minutes. Mix lightly with a wooden spoon while shacking the bucket every 10 minutes for up to an hour.

Step 5 Starting with the finest micron bag (e.g. 25 or 45 microns) desired, place it deep into the third bucket folding it over the rim and tighten the drawstring. Then place the next micron bag (e.g. 73 or 90 microns) into the first bag and again fold over the rim and tighten the drawstring.

Step 7 Once step 4 is complete unfold and lift the work bag slowly out of the bucket while lightly mixing to allow the hash to filter through the green ice mix. Once the work bag is squeezed out the remaining water from the work bag and green ice mix. Place the workbag with the green ice mix aside.

Step 8 Pour the hash water mix from the second bucket slowly into the third bucket with the finer micron bags. Carefully remove one bag at a time allowing the hash water mix to filter through. Use a small spray bottle with ice-cold water to ensure no hash is left on the sidewalls and heaps into the middle of the mesh of the bags while removing them. Carefully remove the hash with a teaspoon or tablespoon once the water has completely drained out. Squeeze the remaining moisture from the hash with the press screen and crumble up onto a non-stick surface to dry and cure. Ensure you keep turning the drying hash on the non-stick surface every so often over 4-5 days. Cure in a cool dry place with a slight breeze.

Step 9 Once the first run is complete, place the work bag and green ice mix back into the second bucket and add the hash water mix that’s been filtered through the fine mesh bags.

Step 10 Repeat Step 4 up to four or five times while agitating more often and more aggressively as more runs are complete.

Remember your green can still be useful after harvesting Hash from it. It can be used for making oils, cooking and green tea to get the most out of your product.